News flash: Spring has officially sprung! And, thank God it has– we can’t tell you how sick we were of shoveling the loads and loads of snow that this winter dumped upon us. Yep, that was a bone-chilling period of time that lasted about two months too long, if you ask us!

So, now that the temperatures are steadily rising and the sun is making regular appearances, it’s time that you let that musty, dusty home of yours finally air out. But, before you crack open those formerly frozen-shut windows, take care that each and every one of your screens is in good condition. Anyone who has survived a rough winter knows that hail, frozen rain, and snow can do a number on that netting!

If you notice particularly large holes, it may be time to add some reinforcements in the form of storebought, adhesive patches, but if the holes are relatively small– but just large enough for bugs to get through them!– all you’ll need is a bottle of clear nail polish.

We’ve already given you a dissertation on the incredible versatility of clear nail polish, from sealing shoe scuffs to remedying pantyhose runs, but the most cost-effective thing that it can be used for is screen-patching. Who would’ve thought?!

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • Clear nail polish (don’t pay too much attention to the brand or cost– even the 99-cents variety should work well for this project!)
  • Small paintbrush
  • Hair dryer

Now that you have all of your necessary tools for patching up that busted screen, let’s get started on the repair!

  1. Clean and dry the area surrounding the hole with soap and water. Take care that there is no dirt, grime, or dead bugs on the frayed edges of the hole. Once clean, blast the area with a blow dryer to ensure that it is bone-dry.
  2. Using your small paintbrush, apply a coat of clear nail polish directly over the hole and the areas around it. And, unless you want to get dirt in your nail polish bottle, be sure that your refrain from double-dipping!
  3.  Allow this first coat to dry. For a speedier drying process, reach for that handy blow dryer!
  4. Go back and coat the hole with yet another layer of clear nail polish. Air dry or blow dry.

When the screen is completely dry, pop it back into the window frame and pat with your finger to make sure that the hole is completely sealed up.

Voila! Now your screen is all better.

We’ve been using the trick for years and we can proudly say that it has saved us a whole lot of money that would otherwise be spent on new screens. An effective hack that only takes a few minutes and less than a buck? It doesn’t get any better than that, folks!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this easy screen-mending hack! Have you tried this before? If so, do you have advice on how to best complete it? Do you have any similar hacks that you would like to share?