Nabisco Just Released Dark Chocolate Oreos and We’re Already Drooling

We love cookies, and we love making cookies. We have so many delicious cookie recipes for the holidays and really any time of the year; however, there’s one type of cookie we would never be able to replicate, at least not as well as the original.

We’re talking about Oreos. There’s just something about those classic chocolate cookies with the cream sandwiched inside that Oreo does so well.

While we love the classic Oreo cookie, we’re always on the lookout (and super excited about) anything new that Oreo chooses to release.

Not too long ago, we told you about the seasonal release from Oreo, their limited edition Peppermint Bark Oreos, which are perfect for the holiday season.

We also told you about a gift-idea that’s perfect for any Oreo-fan on your holiday shopping list – Oreo’s Ultimate Dunking Set, which includes two glasses for dunking, Oreos and tongs that are perfectly sized for dunking said Oreos. (No judgement if you buy the set for yourself.)

Now, Oreo has announced a new version of their classic cookie that will be available on January 2nd: Dark Chocolate Oreos.  

There goes any plans of a New Year’s Resolution to cut back on cookies.

These new Oreos will have the same chocolate cookies we all know and love, but the cream center is dark chocolate-flavored. Uh, yum!

If you can’t get enough chocolate, this cookie is definitely for you!

Oreo says they’re releasing this cookie in January to coincide with the darkest time of the year. (It gets dark early, and the cookies are dark chocolate, get it?) In fact, the cookie is supposed to encourage us to “embrace the darkness.”

We wish we didn’t have to wait until next year to try this new Oreo, but at least when it’s here, it’ll be here long term. That’s right: this cookie is not a limited edition release. Dark Chocolate Oreos will be sticking around for good.

Whatever your favorite way is to eat an Oreo (twisting them apart and licking the cream out, biting right into them, dunking them, or something else) we’re sure these cookies will be great straight out of the package, but we also imagine they’ll be delicious in our favorite Oreo recipes too. We just might have to try them in Cream Cheese Oreo Fudge and Easy, No-Bake Oreo Cheesecake.

What’s your favorite type of Oreo cookie? Are you as excited about the new Dark Chocolate Oreos as we are?