Experiencing Mother Nature in all her glory means appreciating her occasionally twisted sense of humor. She leaves her fingerprint on the weather, animals, and one of our favorite necessities: food.

Food. We need it. We like it, love it, and sometimes despise certain types. As you scroll through these pictures, you can decide which of these would be a necessity for your survival. Assembled below is a list of mutant fruit that may or may not have made it to someone’s belly.

Cool, funny, suspicious, or a little inappropriate, these superfreaks of nature are still edible in most cases. Fruit lovers will be given new things to dream about for a dessert, smoothie, or midday snack. Enjoy!

  1. Happy Eggplant

    mutant eggplantJason Ruck via Wikimedia Commons

    The eggplant is actually a fruit, but that doesn’t change the fact this pic is ripe for jokes.

  2. Monster Pomegranate

    mutant pomegranateMaxpixel

    You’re singing the tune from Little Shop of Horrors right now because Seymour the Pomegranate wants to be fed.

  3. Lazy Watermelon

    watermelon malformedLuca Masters via Flickr

    This watermelon just couldn’t seem to get into shape.

  4. Startling Pineapple

    mutant pineappleYun Huang Yong via Flickr

    You either feel like running away or that you’ve just walked into the best surprise party ever. Should you eat this? Or will it eat you?

  5. Strawberry Flair

    mutant strawberryAllen Watkin via Flickr

    This probably tastes really good, but there’s also a small chance that aliens have landed in this strawberry-cloaked ship.

  6. Bristled Tomato

    mutant tomato featuredTheRatBaztard via Reddit

    Looks yummy doesn’t it? Seriously, how many times have you met a bearded tomato?

  7. Embracing Apples

    mutant applesOldie Fan via Pixabay

    These two really, really love each other. Apple of each other’s eye.

  8. Wild Kiwi

    mutant kiwiC Damlan

    It’s safe to guess that something went awry with this group.

  9. Cinched Cucumber

    mutant cucumberKart Family via Flickr

    Another one in the fruit category that could be mistaken for several things here.

  10. Imprinted Lemon

    mutant lemonemynnmuil via Reddit

    This is what happens when you put bears on the citrus production line.

  11. Bananas in a Blanket

    mutant bananaJason Ruck via Wikimedia Commons

    Yay, it’s twins! There’s nothing wrong with two bananas for the price of one.

  12. Cherry Action

    cherry malformedBrocken Inaglory via Wikimedia Commons

    For the record, this definitely is a cherry. Mm hmm. It is.

  13. Grape Fusion

    mutant grape fusionDarko81 via Imgur

    Introducing the king of grapes. It’s what legends are made of.

  14. Bent Out of Shape Pears

    Image of deformed pears.Silverije via Wikimedia Commons

    Paired with number 7, these beauts could be packaged into a fruit basket and given as a gift. You decide who’s worthy of receiving it.

  15. Conjoined Oranges

    mutant orangesHappy Face via Pinterest

    Nothing, absolutely nothing can tear these four apart!

In actuality, mutations are not uncommon and can affect the color, shape, and taste of a food. It happens. And there are some grocery stores that price this produce at a discount to lure customers into buying these imperfect creations. However, many times these “ugly fruits” are discriminated against and tossed in the trash. What a waste!

Gardeners may even find some of these growing in a patch and there’s not much you can do about it. Pluck it, take a picture, and share a laugh (or shudder) with your friends.

Would you eat any of these fruits? Have you ever encountered a mutated fruit? What did you do with it?