Mom Who Struggled to Get Pregnant Ended Up Delivering 3 Sets of Twins in 5 Years

After suffering the heartbreak of a miscarriage, some couples turn to other methods in the hopes of having a child. The emotional toll a loss takes prevents some from trying again, but those that do often end up with pregnancy miracles.

Andrea and Mark Rivas experienced a miscarriage and decided to keep trying for a baby. Two years of unsuccessful attempts led them to give in-vitro fertilization a chance. In 2012, they welcomed not only one miracle baby, but a pair of fraternal twins named Conor and Avery.

During their fertility journey they formed a very close friendship with another couple, Sandi and Philip Palmisano. Like the Rivas family, they had been trying and hoping for years before turning to IVF too. They endured four rounds of treatments without any results. In a major act of selflessness, Andrea offered to be a surrogate to the couple.

Not only did Sandi and Philip accept, but they participated closely in Andrea’s pregnancy, and all of them were present for the ultrasound reveal. Can you guess what they were having? In the video, Sandi recalls seeing two sacs and hearing two heartbeats. Twins again!

After years of hoping, waiting, and trying, both couples welcomed Grayson and EmmaLee to the Palmisano family in February 2014. Sandi was right at Andrea’s side during the delivery, tearfully witnessing her own little miracles come into the world.

A couple of months after their birth, the families sat down with Today and Sandi spoke about how emotionally overwhelming it was to finally be a mother. She and husband Philip are very grateful to Andrea for what she did, with Philip stating he knew they’d always be lifelong friends no matter the outcome. Andrea expressed how she couldn’t help but have pure love for all four of the perfect babies.

As both families got used to their busy lives, both stayed strongly connected, with Sandi even receiving a crash course in twins from bestie Andrea. The Rivas twins grew into toddlers, and their family settled into a new home when a bout of sickness alarmed Andrea. To rule out the possibility, she had her husband pick up a pregnancy test.

It turned out that Andrea and Mark were expecting again, this time naturally. Just a few months after having Grayson and EmmaLee, Andrea and Mark were both shocked and elated about the pregnancy! The couple shared the happy news with Sandi and Philip who were also excited about the new addition.

Watch the video below to find out what the ultrasound revealed about Andrea’s new baby. In spring of 2015, she gave birth again, almost one year after the Palmisano twins. How beautiful to be able to experience so many bundles of joy after years of heartache!

Now one big connected family, these adorable children will know each other for life. What do you think of this touching story? Have you ever had a friend support you in a big way like this? Did the experience bond you forever? Share with us in the comments!