This Baby Cracks Up at His Favorite Movie Scene

Halloween is a great time for kids to get exposed to some of the most classic spooky movies of all time. Few movies deserve that title more than Tim Burton’s classic animated film, “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Now, this iconic Halloween movie has one more little fan to join its ranks! But this kid may very well be a super-fan more than anyone we’ve seen.

The video starts with a cute little boy hysterically laughing before flashing back to show what caused the fit of giggles.

This little boy’s dad explains to the camera that their son, Will, has made “The Nightmare Before Christmas” his new favorite movie. And little Will has a favorite scene from that movie, a good one, too! His mom and dad are going to reenact his favorite scene right there on camera.

The scene in question? When Sally (the heroine of the story) is trying to poison her “inventor,” the evil, half-duck scientist. It’s an interesting movie, to say the least. The scientist is refusing to take a bite of the soup Sally prepared and asks her to take a bite first, which she avoids by knocking the spoon full of soup out of his hand.

Will finds this scene absolutely hilarious and cracks up every time it happens in the movie. So his parents think it would be funny to reenact the scene themselves and see if he has the same reaction.

Spoiler alert: He does.

While dad sets the scene, Will sits on his changing table with a binky in his mouth and a look of curiosity on his face. Then, using a TV remote for the spoon full of poisoned spoon, the parents perform the scene for their son.

Mom has barely knocked the “spoon” out of dad’s hand before Will has burst out into laughter, rocking back and forth with crazy giggles. The parents have to lunge forward to grab their baby’s head so he doesn’t knock into the wall behind him!

They ask if they should do it again, which Will wholeheartedly agrees with. They perform the scene again (“this time with feeling”) to the same hysterical results – this time, Will starts his hysterical reaction before the scene has even finished.

His laugh is so funny to listen to! It’s part baby giggle and half grown up laugh. He even sighs at the end of each bought of laughter! Too funny.

The parents do the scene at least three more times, trying different objects to act as the “spoon.” The last time they do it, they even try using a phone, which is hilarious. Each time, Will bursts out into raucous laughter, which takes a full minutes or so for him to calm down from.

We’re glad that Will has found a new favorite Halloween movie – a phase that will inevitably go on far past the Halloween season! Luckily (or maybe unluckily) for this family, this is a great movie to watch all year round!

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