Her Mother’s Instinct Saved Her Newborn Baby’s Life. Watch This!

This is an unbelievably heart touching story. When Kate and Dave Ogg was told that, after three years of trying, they were going to have twins, they were obviously overjoyed. But when their one boy and one girl, Jamie and Emily, came almost three full months early, complications arose. Jamie did not make it through the birth. And just as this story was about to turn terrifyingly tragic, something amazing happened. Watch the video below to see for yourself.


Kate, despite her horror, demanded that Dave take off his clothes and come into the hospital bed with her and their son. She felt that their warm skin against Jamie’s might be able to help.

Little did she know she was right.

After talking to Jamie about his sister and his family and how much they loved him, Jamie began to breathe and move. Eventually, he grabbed Dave’s finger and began to look around at his mother and father. It was then that the doctors announced that Jamie had made a miraculous comeback – he was alive.

The twins will be turning five soon and their little brother just turned four. Kate and Dave are overjoyed with the life they share with their children.

This is such a beautiful story. It so perfectly reminds us how important a parents’ love is for a child and how crucial it is that we step back and appreciate everything we have – because nothing is promised to us.