Since Mother’s Day 2017 has already come and gone, we’d like to share with you an example of just how special the holiday can be—if you give your mom a great gift, that is! And though most moms would be happy with a bouquet of flowers, the subject of today’s video is lucky enough to get a makeover from one of the best stylists around!

Christopher Hopkins, A.K.A. The Makeover Guy, admits that his client, Linda, is “a tough nut to crack.” She’s sweet, but very, very quiet. Nevertheless, he eventually does get her to soften up a bit by asking her one simple question: “How old are you inside?” Without hesitating for a second, 61-year-old Linda proudly proclaims, “25.” Go, girl!

Before getting to the nitty-gritty, the hair stylist begins to brainstorm a color that would best complement Linda’s features. He tells her that gray is “fine, not bad,” but he thinks that she would actually look best with a Jennifer-Aniston-inspired ‘doo: a luminous blonde color with a body-enhancing cut. Can’t go wrong, right?

So, the two get to work, trying to settle on a blonde that best works with Linda’s overall look, but as The Makeover Guy begins thumbing through his sample swatches, he notices that his client has lost her smile. “What is your trepidation?” he asks, “You want to stay gray?”

Linda re-asserts that she will try the color change and, after some cute bantering, Hopkins gets started on the cut. It is then that he lets us in on one of the best-kept secrets for creating some much-needed volume.

Hopkins shows us a view of the back of his client’s hair and explains that, if he were to allow the ends to naturally “flip-in”, then her scalp would be visible—not the most flattering look! So, instead, he uses his styling tools to “flip” the hair out. This adds some unexpected volume and lift to an otherwise conventional cut.

After some more careful curling, cutting, and drying, Hopkins puts some smoothing finishing touches on Linda’s new youthful hair. The now-beach blonde doesn’t necessarily wear her heart on her sleeve—which the stylist teases her incessantly for—but it’s obvious that she has a real sparkle in her eyes.

In her post-makeover interview, it’s clear that the Jennifer Aniston look-a-like is beaming. “I love it!” she says. “I was trying to think of something original to say, but there’s nothing else to say.” We agree, Linda. Sometimes a makeover is so good that you just don’t want to start over-analyzing it!

We could sing the praises of this dynamic transformation all day, but we think it’s best that you witness the inspiring results for yourself. Just click on the video below to see Linda go from dull gray to vibrant blonde!

What do you think of Linda’s new ‘doo? Have you ever gone from gray to blonde? How old do you feel on the inside? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!