If you’re close with your mom, you might’ve considered getting a matching tattoo with her. Is there any better way to share the love than sharing the ink?

If you’re on the fence about making the love permanent (as in, etched into your skin type of permanent), then check out these mother-daughter tattoos that we couldn’t love more.

Not only will it give you some good ideas, but you can show these to your mom so she gets inspirited to go through with it, too!

  1. Matching flowers

    Because even though you didn’t *pick* each other, you’re still the best of friends.

  2. Hearts

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    With a unique touch.

  3. Ankle bracelets

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    Our tattoos next to each other I love them!!!! #motherdaughtertattoo #upinarms #tattoo #girlswithtattoos

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    For the trendy pair.

  4. A sign of long distance

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    Live far away from each other? This tattoo reminds you that even when you’re not together, you are.

  5. Silhouettes

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    To show just how much a part of each other you are.

  6. A heartwarming quote

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    Mother//daughter tattoos 🌵🖤 There’s no one else I’d rather have matching ink with!

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    No matter where, no matter what, you’re there for each other always.

  7. A pop of color

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    No one could ever miss the connection between you two with tattoos like these.

  8. Dragonflies

    Dragonflies symbolize change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization, making it a perfectly symbolic tattoo for any mother/daughter pair who has grown together.

  9. Abstract art

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    This one means “family is forever.”

  10. Suns

    A sign that you’ll always be each other’s sunshine.

  11. Matching compasses

    To remind you that wherever you are in the world, you’re always with each other.

  12. Beating hearts

    You might be so close that your two hearts beat as one.

  13. Corresponding sentences

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    Ones that really explain your relationship.

  14. A line from a song

    A meaningful one.

  15. Matching designs

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    First tattoo, so lucky I got to share it with mum. Can’t thank Em enough

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    For the whimsical duo.

  16. A common interest

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    To show just how alike you two are.

  17. Origami swans

    Swans symbolizes grace and beauty, after all.

  18. Infinity flowers

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    Infinity💕 #motherdaughtertattoo #contrasttattoo #love #norway

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    To show how your beautiful love is never ending.

  19. Your true feelings

    So much love!

How sweet are these matching mother-daughter tattoos? Would you ever get one with your mom or daughter? Which one is your favorite?