With 6 kids, Ronda Batchelor knows laundry. Sick of how inefficient her laundry room was, she took matters into her own hands. With just $400 and lots of ingenuity, Rhonda created one of the most efficient laundry rooms ever.

Ronda had to work with a room 7 feet by 6.5 feet. While nice to have a separate room for laundry for the basics, you’ll be amazed by what she was able to fit in a small space. She used a space saving stacked washer and dryer configuration.


She noted that the kids each have their own laundry basket and are responsible for bringing their own laundry to the laundry room, bringing it there at least once a week. So she outfitted the room with deep sorting bins. The kids are expected to do their own sorting.


Ronda runs the washer and dryer, then puts the clothes into their respective baskets/drawers, which is just brilliant. All of the kids are expected to retrieve their clean clothes from the drawers, which can easily be pulled out and carried to their respective bedrooms.


This family has a lot of clothes that can’t be put in the dryer, so she added homemade pull-out dryer racks made from dowels and mesh that she said you can get from The Dollar Store or an old laundry bag, and made the frame around it. Each one is a drawer, and it slides into the wall. And get this: There’s even a fan in the back of the area where the drawers go to dry the clothes. It’s controlled by a switch on the wall that automatically is set using a timer. Genius!






She installed a faux marble countertop (always nice to have countertop space in the laundry room!) and gave it a glass-like finish using an epoxy. By going faux, the countertop is light and easy to remove, which is handy if/when they ever need to access the pipes/hookups for the laundry.


There’s a hanging bar above the countertop with lots of hangers and plenty of room to hang clothes.


But wait, there’s more! Ronda wouldn’t forget to have a place to iron clothes. She added a fold-down ironing board on the wall that is hidden by cabinet doors when not in use. When fully down, the ironing board even swivels!


The outside of the laundry room has a barn-style door that slides outside of the room and has a window in the top half with the word “Laundry” on it. It’s an old door, re-used (a door her son had found and used for a haunted house). She planked the outside wall to make the apparatus to hang the door look better. So cool!


Ronda’s husband notes that whenever an idea like this strikes his wife, they go out and look for items and pieces at 2nd-hand stores, garage sales, and even dumpsters. As a one-income family with 6 kids, they have to find a way to make it work!

They’ve got a work room where they can saw wood, etc., so it helps to have a place to get the work done.

See the 8 clever DIY solutions this busy mom came up with to turn her 7 square foot laundry into a temple of efficiency in the video below!