Recently Released Map Shows the Most Popular Thanksgiving Sides By State

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it, and as we start counting the days to turkey day, anyone who is preparing Thanksgiving dinner knows that it’s not too early to plan the menu and head to the grocery store.

Most Thanksgiving tables will feature a roast turkey, and you’ll want to have that turkey on-hand and defrosting in your refrigerator well before the day we give thanks; however, not every Thanksgiving table will have the same side dishes.

There are certain side dishes that commonly show up on the dinner table every Thanksgiving, but if you have ever gone to a friend’s house for the holiday or tagged along with a significant other to eat Thanksgiving with his or her family, you probably know that there are some differences. While one family favors mac and cheese, another family might prefer mashed potatoes.

Zippia analyzed Google searches in all 50 states to determine which side dish is the most popular in each state. Interestingly enough, there are differences throughout the country about side dish preferences.

The most popular side dish is mashed potatoes. A total of 10 states prefer mashed potatoes as a Thanksgiving side dish. Most of these states are in the western and northern parts of the country.

The runner up for most popular side dish was mac and cheese. Seven states along the east coast of the country prefer this cheesy side dish.

The third place prize goes to green bean casserole. States that prefer green beans on their table are spread all over the country from Texas to Ohio.

Several states chose a form of bread as the most popular side dish, but the type of bread wasn’t the same from state to state. One state specifically prefers cresent rolls while another state prefers biscuits.

A few states were unique in their side dish preference. For example, Maine likes a side salad, and Alaska prefers hashbrown casserole.

Look at the map below to see which Thanksgiving side dish is most popular in each state. 

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving side dish? Do you agree with the side dish that is most popular in your state?