This Montage of Twin Babies Is the Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day

Some things are better in pairs. Peaches and cream, paper and pencil, day and night. One without the other is great, but it’s just not the same. Another great thing that we love doubled? Babies! If you can’t get enough of adorable baby videos, prepare for a cuteness overload; if one baby is already cute, two babies means you’ve got DOUBLE the cute! This montage of twins having fun (or, sometimes, not having fun) with each other is just about the cutest thing we’ve seen all day.

Any twins out there will so appreciate these clips! You probably have a relationship similar to one of these pairs, maybe you even remembering having some of the good and bad times these twins are having with one another. Either way, these videos are really going to hit home for you and your twin.

Even if you DON’T have a twin, this double cuteness is still the best thing to watch! It’s going to get you through your work day with a smile on your face.

In the first clip, two twin boys are sharing a binky – and they are not so fond of their brother getting a turn! Every time the binky goes to the other twin, his brother starts to cry. As their mom says in the background of the video, “This is the only one we have, so you have to share!” Boy, are they going to have to get used to hearing that!

Next, we have a heartwarming sight: two adorable twins (with the cutest little faces, might we add!) are standing in a laundry basket, laughing and smiling for a video for grandma. Their mom is telling them in the background to say hi to grandma, and they’re doing a great job smiling and looking adorable. Then, all of a sudden, too much weight is put on one side of the basket…and there they go. Face down on the carpet. Luckily, they’re okay! At least they went down together.

The third clip is of a dad doing his daily weightlifting – with his twins, of course. Laying on his back, he has a baby in each one of his hands and he’s lifting them up and down. Naturally, they’re loving it! This whole thing is so adorable, what a good dad!

This next one might be our favorite. You know when babies are small enough to take baths in the kitchen sink and it’s the cutest thing ever? Well, picture a DOUBLE sink and DOUBLE the adorable babies! These two twins are taking their baths in adjoining sinks, but they can’t stop cracking up with each other! Literally, they’re just staring at each other with big smiles laughing in their two cute, little bathtubs – amazing. You have to imagine these twins are probably still inseparable.

The next twins are the sleepiest. They’re both sitting in their high chairs, trying to eat a snack, but it seems like all they really need is a nap! You have to see them tilting back and forth almost in unison, it’s hilarious. It might be time for a double nap time.

A quick little clip shows two twin infants laying side by side hiccuping one after the other! They’re already perfectly synced up.

And, finally, a little sibling rivalry to end the montage. While one baby plays with his toy, his brother Wayland is watching jealously next to him. Suddenly, he reaches out and takes it right from his brother’s hand – he even sort of teases him with it! Sibling jealous definitely starts young!

What do you think of these cute twins? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.