TikToker Ashley Massis Class who goes by @classashley on the social media platform, recently shared a story about her older daughter, and what they discovered behind their daughter’s wall. Her story has gotten a lot of attention on TikTok, and some viewers are even afraid it will happen to them because Class claims she has learned “it is very common.”

It all started shortly after Class and her family watched the movie “Monsters, Inc.” Class’s oldest daughter, a toddler, started complaining that there were monsters in her room. Class and her husband assumed this was because of the movie, so they tried everything they could think of to calm their daughter down and explain to her that there aren’t monsters in her room.

Class explained to PEOPLE, “We told her, ‘Nobody is in that closet.’ We made jokes about fighting the monster. We gave her a spray bottle full of water that was her monster spray.”

Nothing helped, and it got so bad that her daughter “was just freaking out. She had to stay in our room, and she kept saying there were monsters. We thought, in part, that she was experiencing a little regression since I had just had a baby in February and was pregnant and tired before that.”

Then, one day Class and her husband noticed a few bees entering the attic of their 100 year old farmhouse. They called a pest control company but were told that they would have to call a beekeeper since they are endangered honeybees.

Several different beekeepers came to their home, but they didn’t think the bees had moved in yet. Then one beekeeper arrived and “actually sat there and observed.” Class explained that he told her, “Okay, so I see them going down into the floorboards of this unfinished part. Let’s see where this wall runs down. Underneath there directly is my daughter’s room.”

The beekeeper brought a thermal camera that he used to see if there was anything behind the wall. The beekeeper ended up discovering the biggest bee hive he has ever seen. There were 50,000 bees living in the wall of Class’s daughter’s room.

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Removing the bees from the home has been a nightmare process. It started with the beekeeper punching into the wall to see what was there. Class explained, “There were streams of bees, and the wall where he hit was oozing honey. But it looked like blood because it was really, really dark, running down my daughter’s pink walls. It looked really strange.”

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Class now describes her daughter’s room as “like a crime scene.” They have the room closed off while they wait to make sure all of the bees are gone. Then, repairing the wall, patching the small hole where the bees entered the attic and replacing the electrical wires that were covered in honey will cost about $20,000.

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Meanwhile, Class told her daughter, “We found the monsters, you were right. ” She also told her that the beekeeper was “a monster hunter.”

After the beekeeper removed the hive and the majority of the bees including the queen, the problem still wasn’t solved. Class explained, “We’ve had a couple of thousand that died because their queen is no longer here, so that’s sad. We’ve been leaving the window open, hoping the remaining ones fly out, but many will die without being able to smell the queen, as I understand. So we’ve been cleaning up thousands of dead bees every single day, and I’ve learned that bees can still sting you when they’re dead. It’s like a landmine, with thousands on the floor. We have to wear rubber boots to walk around and not get stung.” She added, “The beekeeper has assured us that what has been saved is significant versus what’s been lost.”