Keep Valuables Safe In These 7 Clever Hiding Spots

Rooming with a stranger? Snooping parents or friends? Maybe you just want to be super cautious and keep your valuables well hidden from burglars? No matter why you’re looking to stash your money or valuable items, it’s important to store them somewhere unexpected. Any snooping roommate or house thief will know to check safes, under mattresses, and in underwear drawers. Instead of those usual spots, try hiding your valuables in these seven unexpected spots – trust us, no one will think to look in these places!


Got a furry friend? Take one of their least favorite toys, cut it open with a razor, and store money inside. You can even use this trick to hide an emergency key in the yard.


Small items, like pills, to hide? Empty out a Sharpie to create a mini-capsule for any of your smaller valuables.


At most hardware stores, you can find really cheap thermostats. Pick one up if you stumble across it and pry it open to hide money inside! Then mount it on the wall and nobody will ever know.


Granted, this one seems a LITTLE wasteful of delicious Pillsbury dough, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Take a tube of pre-packaged dough and use a razor to cut off the top – don’t twist it off like normal. Put your valuables in the clear plastic cap inside and then put it on top of the first bit of dough. Stick it back in the freezer for some serious security.


You know those wide, square hair brushes you can pick up at the dollar store? You can also use those for well-hidden valuables. Pop the bristled part off the base of the brush – there’s a roomy space for money underneath! Then you pop the bristled part back on and let your money hide in plain sight.


These door stoppers (the ones you mount on the wall to stop door handles) are super cheap, and when pried apart they have a dome-shaped space underneath. Hide valuables, snap the bottom back on, and install the door stopper as usual. Very sneaky.

BUTTER CONTAINER This one is a little…weird. But will your valuables be well-hidden? Definitely.

Empty out a butter container into a microwave-safe bowl and melt it down little by little in the microwave. Put your valuables in a small plastic container (so they don’t get all buttery) and put it in the bottom of the empty container. Pour the melted butter back on top and refrigerate. The butter will look totally normal…and let’s face it, no thieves are going to go rifling through your butter.

Do you hide valuables in a clever place? Share your tricks (if you feel comfortable doing so) in the comments section below.