Remember the good, old days when Facebook was exclusively used by students looking to share their weekend photos with their fellow classmates? It seemed like a fairly safe, “parents-free” zone— UNTIL everyone and their grandmother joined the social network!

Because of this, young people are flocking to Instagram in droves, posting as many selfies as they can, knowing that it’s just a matter of time until their Great Aunt Mabel starts posting judgmental comments about their clothing choices.

With that being said, some parents have already shown up to the party—and boy are they making a splash! Take Yvette Creech, for instance. Her 17-year-old daughter, Faith, assumed that her precious photos would be out of her mother’s reach, but boy was she wrong…

It all started when, one day, the snooping Yvette decided to scope out Faith’s Instagram. Upon viewing selfie after selfie, the funny mom decided to troll her own daughter in the funniest way possible—by making a spoof account called momlife4realz, where she replicates each and every one of Faith’s poses.

That’s right, Yvette painstakingly went through Faith’s Instagram, not to spy on the high schooler, but just to show her up. You go, Momma!

How this mom perfected the “Finsta”

Now, if you’re not down with all of that new-fangled Instagram lingo, then you probably aren’t too sure what “Finsta” means. According to the powers that be over at Urban Dictionary, “Finsta” stands for “fake Instagram”, and it is usually used as a secondary account for “trolling” or funny pictures.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, the California mom explained what motivated her to create one of these special accounts for herself. “I made the Finsta during the last week of summer vacation, it was just something funny to do, in response to my daughter Faith’s own Instagram posts.”

Luckily, Faith is a pretty chill teenager and has taken her mom’s social media roasts in stride. In fact, she is the one who first spread news of the witty Finsta to her own followers.

“My mom literally made an Instagram to mock my Instagram,” the teen wrote on her Twitter. “I tweeted it because I thought it was way too funny not to share, like she did the exact same poses and all in the same order.”

faith's instagramfaith_creech via BuzzFeed

She’s got that right! We love that Faith gives her mom props for attention to detail!

mother's instagramMomLife4realz via BuzzFeed

But the part that really gets us about this story is the WAY in which Faith discovered her mom’s Finsta. “I was at my friend’s house when I saw that my mom’s account had requested to follow me,” the teen remembers. “When I saw it, I noticed right away that it looked exactly like mine and my friend and I just started laughing.”

Well, at least they both have a good sense of humor about the situation. We hope more families will partake in this activity—maybe it will end up bridging that ever-widening generational gap we so often see on social media. Keep us laughing, ladies!

What do you think of this mother-daughter Instagram sensation? Have you and your mom ever done something similar? Who is your favorite “Insta-famous” celebrity?