Military families sacrifice so much for our country. It’s especially hard when the military family member is deployed. They miss birthdays, holidays and sometimes don’t even get to see their children until months after they’re born.

While we usually hear stories of parents who are deployed and think about how hard it must be for their spouse and kids while they’re gone, we don’t hear as many stories about what it must be like for the parents when their children are deployed.

While our children aren’t old enough to enlist yet, we can only imagine how much we would miss them if we couldn’t see them for months or years, if they weren’t able to make it to important events, if, worst case, we never saw them again.

We would definitely be proud of our children if they chose a military life, but it is a life of sacrifice.

Imagine raising two boys all by yourself. You’re a hard-working mom who wants the best for your children. You must have done something right because not only do your children love you, but one of the boys also loves his country so much that he decides to join the U.S. Army.

We’re sure there are lots of stories like this, but one in particular also involves a wedding, and no, it’s not the son who is getting married, it’s his mother.

Mom finally found true love, set the date for her wedding, picked out her dress, and eagerly looked forward to tying the knot, but there was one thing that would be missing on her wedding day – one of her sons, the one who had joined the army.

His grandmother suggested that he write a heartfelt letter to his commander explaining the situation and asking if he could attend his mother’s wedding. The commander was so moved by the letter that he made an exception to the rules and let the solider leave for the wedding.

On her wedding day, Mom had no idea that her son would be there. The whole family was in on the epic surprise.

Watch the video below to see Mom’s reaction when she sees her son for the first time in 6 months, right before she’s about to walk down the aisle.

Do you have any family members who are in the military? Have they ever surprised anyone on purpose when they came home?