Mom Patiently Waits for Kid to Go to Sleep

As parents, we like to pride ourselves on being examples of honesty and integrity. That’s all well and good but it does not apply to every situation. There are many times when you have to use trickery. Dirty, funny, sweat-inducing trickery.

And the best tricks require you to keep a poker face, quench some bodily noises, and be very, very tactical. This mom got it. She found herself in a situation that had nothing to do with the little white lies about Santa or the Tooth Fairy. And her husband caught it on video.

Caryn Morris of Durban, South Africa, was trying to put her 15-month-old son Brody to bed. Like most toddlers, he was giving her a hard time about staying in the bed. She and her husband had guests over for dinner and of course, he wanted to hang out with the company.

Unfortunately for Caryn, that meant multiple trips in and out of the little tot’s room. How many of you know what that’s like? Finally, she decided to change her strategy. She put Brody down again, and posted herself up on the floor of his room within his line of sight.

Slowly, things quieted down, and so did his movements. His eyes lulled shut, and it was time for Caryn to make her move. And she did it like a ninja. Or more like a supernatural agent of slumber. She crawls out on her back! Watch the video to see how Caryn made it out of the room without waking the sleeping little giant.
Caryn’s husband Tyrone saw her daring escape on the family’s security cameras. The whole thing was so amusing that he decided to share it with friends on Facebook, where it soon went viral:

“The best thing about having cameras in your house is watching your wife trying to exit the room after putting your son down!! Sometimes you have to use your initiative for your exit!! PS The SA Army are calling me for you to do training on the reverse leopard crawl !!”

It’s dark. It’s menacing. And it’s so necessary when nighttime rolls around. That’s why this video is so hilarious. Well, it’s hilarious after you get past the possession-caught-on-camera vibe. Those eyes. Those eyes!

Image of mom on floor.TimesLIVE

If you have kids, then you know all too well the phrase: “Don’t Wake the Baby!” It’s inspired books, songs, and memes. Once that baby is knocked out, you can stop being a statue and scurry out of that room with featherlight movements.
If you’re lucky, you can be as quick as The Flash and quiet. If not, you have to hold your breath and tread lightly. Dear parents, maybe you will adopt Caryn’s technique so you can enjoy a few hours of nightly peace. We’re with you. Just don’t show your children the security cam footage or they may never go to sleep again.

What do you think of this mom’s nocturnal moves? How have you handled similar bedtime obstacles in your home? Does your “don’t wake the baby” strategy include crawling?