While you’ve probably heard of the Duggars and their show “19 Kids and Counting,” you may not know that there’s an even bigger family in the UK. That’s right; there’s a family out there that has even more than 19 kids.

Sue and Noel Radford swore they wouldn’t have any more children after Sue gave birth to her 20th baby, but they didn’t stick to that promise. Her children were split on whether they believed her or not. The couple seems addicted to having children.

The Radford’s recently welcomed baby number 21 into their family, which is the biggest family in the UK. That’s right, 21 children.

Sue is 43, and she thinks this will be the last child. The couple loves having so many children around, but they admit that the laundry and cooking can be quite difficult to manage.

While we’re still trying to wrap our minds around having 21 children, this isn’t why the Radfords are suddenly in the international spotlight.

On the UK show “21 Kids and Counting,” a recent episode followed Sue’s latest pregnancy and ended with the birth of her latest baby, Bonnie Rae. Many viewers couldn’t concentrate on the point of the episode (the new baby’s birth) because they were too distracted by something Sue said earlier in the episode, something that was even more surprising than the fact that she was only in labor for 12 minutes with her most recent child.

Let’s do the math for a minute. If Sue is 43 and if she has 21 children, and if none of the children are twins or triplets, she would’ve had to have had her first child at age 22. That’s if she had 1 child every single year.

This is not Sue’s story.

The truth bomb that Sue dropped that completely distracted the show’s viewers was that she conceived her very first child when she was only 13 years old, and her boyfriend at the time (now husband Noel) was 18 years old. The couple is only 5 years apart in age, but considering how young she was, many viewers found the whole thing very creepy.

Viewers turned to Twitter and tweeted things like, “They are lovely kids but I can’t help but feel a bit weird about the fact when he was 18 he got a 13 year old pregnant #21kidsandcounting.”

Another commenter wrote, “#21kidsandcounting ok, everyone commenting on what a lovely family they are, how old does a guy have to be before getting a 13 year old girl pregnant is creepy at best (irrespective of whether they get married and stay together)?”

Do you think it’s creepy that Noel, then 18, got Sue pregnant when she was just 13?