One segment that’s very popular on the Today Show is the Ambush Makeovers. If you haven’t seen it before, it’s exactly as it sounds: people outside the studio are randomly chosen for a free head-to-toe makeover. Usually friends and family will bring the person they feel needs to be made over and encourage the stylists to pick them, like these two selected participants! These two moms are chosen to get made over and the results are absolutely astonishing.

Our favorite part about these “ambush makeovers” is that, most of the time, the chosen recipients are already so beautiful on the inside. It might seem like it’s a mean gesture for their family and friends to nominate them for a complete revamp of their look, but really, those friends and family members just want their loved ones to take care of themselves and show the world the beauty they see.

Take Laniece, the first woman to receive a makeover in this clip. She was nominated by her best friend of 52 years, Cheryl, who says, “Well, she has been my best friend now for 52 years. We go way back together, we’ve had much fun, just so much [sic] good times together, and I just wanted her to radiate with beauty that she deserves.” Laniece, an financial aid services accountant from Charlotte, North Carolina, had described her style as, simply and amusingly, “missing,” but this makeover definitely seems to have helped her find that outer beauty.

Just as good is makeover number two, happening for Bonnie, a library clerk from Le Roy, New York, who’s worked in education for 47 years, but never wears makeup or puts herself first. Being on Today was on her bucket list, and on her sixtieth birthday, she got to cross it off! Her daughter told the show, “We just wanted her to get a fresh start. She’s so little and cute, and we want to get her polished up!” Polished doesn’t even begin to describe how Bonnie looks afterwards!

Watch the video below to see the results of these incredible makeovers for yourself!

While both women look STUNNING, Bonnie is just a riot. She’s so happy! I almost teared up seeing how happy she was. You can see she exudes a whole new sense of confidence and her exclamation of “Oh my!” is one that took the internet by storm when this video went live last summer. Her husband is just so sweetly stunned, too.

What do you think? Would you ever go on a show for an “ambush makeover”? Do you know somebody in your life who deserves one?