Let’s face it – embarrassing our kids is how we manage to survive the teenage years. It’s payback for all of the nights they kept us when they were little, all of the smelly laundry we’ve done, and the fact that they almost never do what we ask the first time around.

Which is why, I’m guessing, this mom-of-a-teenage-boy had zero qualms about hopping up and busting some serious moves to Flo Rida’s “Low.”

As one does.

Her son covered his face with his Top Gun t-shirt – the choice of which points to more stellar parenting, to be honest – and endured the long moments of horrifying embarrassment in silence.

At one point the boy’s father decides the opportunity is too good to pass up and joins in, and you guys…I love these parents.

There is no doubt in my mind this kid is going to be better off for having such amazing people raising him. A little embarrassment goes a long way toward creating well-balanced human beings, I say.