Do you remember being a teenager and being embarrassed by your parents? Maybe you brought your first boyfriend home and they pulled out your baby pictures. Maybe they did something harmless like insist that you kiss them on the cheek when they pick you up from school. It seems that all parents, whether intentionally or unintentionally, embarrass their kids at some point.

As parents ourselves now, we’re conscious of the fact that kids, particularly teenagers, can be embarrassed by their parents. Let’s be honest, little kids don’t get embarrassed easily. In fact, they’re the ones who cause their parents to feel mortified. For instance, little kids scream, yell and have complete meltdowns in public places like stores and restaurants. They’re not the ones who are embarrassed, the parents are.

Maybe that’s why parents embarrass their kids when they’re older. Maybe they figure it’s some sort of payback, or maybe the teens are just too sensitive.

Whatever the reason, it happens. Mom and Dad often don’t seem to care when Johnny or Jenny starts blushing either. If anything, it seems to encourage them to do whatever it is that mortifies their teens. Not always, but sometimes at least.

Our kids haven’t hit the teen years yet, so it’s yet to be seen what will mortify them, but for one young man in San Diego, dancing certainly seemed to mortify him. No, he wasn’t the one dancing; it was his parents, and he was trapped with no way to escape. 

The teen, whose name shall not be mentioned (basically because we don’t know his name), went to a Padre’s baseball game at San Diego’s Petco Park with his parents. Perhaps this was his first game. Perhaps they go frequently. Regardless, on this particular night, the jumbotron stopped and focused on him and his parents.

Yes, jumbotrons like to show parents embarrassing their kids too apparently. What were mom and dad doing? Dancing. Mom was standing up, wearing short shorts and grooving with the music like she was a teenager. She looked like she was having a great time. Even Dad was dancing in his seat. He never stood up, but he was certainly playing up to the camera.

Sandwiched between Mom and Dad was, you guessed it, their teenage son. He wasn’t dancing. He was blushing. He looked like he’d rather be anywhere else in the world. We’re guessing he won’t be too eager to sit next to his parents at a Padre’s game in the near future.

Watch the video below to see mom’s dance moves and her son’s expression.

Did your parents ever do anything that embarrassed you when you were a teenager? Have you ever done anything that embarrassed your own kids?