Ladies, let’s be honest: pregnancy – while obviously beautiful and rewarding – is tough. Even tougher? When you’re a) pregnant with multiples or b) past your due date. So if you’re both? It’s a crazy challenge you have to get creative to handle. What would YOU do? Some women would probably head to the doctor for a check-up and potential inducement. Others would probably try traditional home remedies like walking, climbing stairs, or eating spicy foods. What Jen decided to do, though, was a little out of the box, and a whole lot of fun.

As Jen describes on her blog, Nothings And Notions From My Noodle:

Friday night October 14th, after trying for ten straight days to induce labor naturally at home, I was pretty desperate. Desperate enough to make this video, and crazy enough to actually post my shenanigans on the Internet. Pregnancy does strange things to people.

That “crazy,” “strange” method? Well . . .

Yes, Jen busted out her dance moves to, appropriately enough, the Black Eyed Peas’ “Let’s Get It Started.” As she says at the start of the video, “Weston and Isaac, you’re four days overdue. You brought this on yourselves.” Dad Devin is manning the camera, but he also gives his future sons a preview of his dad-dancing-skills, too.

You have to give these parents-to-be credit. “Let’s Get It Started” is not a short song, but Jen keeps dancing through the whole thing. Even the exercise ball gets in on the action.

It might look a little silly, but as Devin says, being four days overdue is enough to drive anybody crazy. We think it looks like fun, and like these babies were definitely coming into a house full of love— which they finally did two days after this dance party! For the full account of their natural delivery, and more about Jen and Devin, visit Jen’s blog, and be sure to watch the full video for all the sweet, funny, relatable moments.