Candy fans of the world rejoice–M&Ms has announced that it will be bringing on a new flavor combo that sounds so delicious, we’re practically salivating just reading about it!

The variety is called Hazelnut Spread M&Ms and the tiny, button-sized chocolates are chock-full of, you guessed it, hazelnut spread. Now, it’s important to note that the hazelnut spread the company will be using isn’t the beloved, Nutella, but we’re sure that the iconic candymaker will whip up a version that’s just as tasty.

According to the company, each candy will feature “creamy, nutty filling” and will be coated in “milk chocolate and the classic candy coating.” Judging by that description, the eater will be rewarded with a ton of yummy spread with every cracking bite. Definitely sounds appetizing to us.

Hazelnut Spread M&Ms are set to hit stores in April of 2019–not soon enough for us. At least we’ll have something to look forward to in the spring!

In addition to the Hazelnut Spread M&Ms, the company has also announced that it will be releasing another new product called M&Ms Milk Chocolate Bars. The product is exactly what it sounds like–a standard chocolate bar with Minis M&Ms embedded on the inside. Lucky for you, the chocolate bars are set to be released in December, with both regular and peanut varieties hitting the shelves.

We can’t wait to give these candies a try. When it comes to sweets, it just doesn’t get any better than hazelnut!

We’d love to hear your take on these forthcoming M&Ms flavors. Are you surprised by the new releases? Which one sounds better–Hazelnut Spread M&Ms or M&Ms Milk Chocolate Bars? What flavor combinations should the company attempt next?