Miracle Beauty Product to Pull from the Kitchen

Coconut oil isn’t just a great item to have on hand in the kitchen; it’s also worth storing in the bathroom for a number of reasons. Here are just 5 ways you can use coconut oil in your beauty regime:

  1. Moisturizer: especially during the winter, coconut oil can help sooth and heal cracked and dry skin. Use it as a moisturizer for your body, your lips, and even on your face.
  2. Makeup Remover: use a small amount to take off your eye makeup. The oil will also work wonders and remove that waterproof mascara.
  3. Nails: rub into your cuticles to deeply moisturize, whether you’re giving yourself a manicure or you just want to show your nails some love.
  4. Hair Mask: use coconut oil as a mask to revive dry hair. Use a spoonful on your ends, set hair in a shower cap, and leave overnight. You can also massage about a tbsp into your scalp for a few minutes to revitalize your roots.
  5. Bath Booster: add a spoonful of coconut oil to your bath and swirl around. You’ll add a lovely, calming aroma to your bath and your skin will come out feeling nice and soft.

What are your favorite way to use coconut oil?

Thanks to Mind Body Green for the tips!