‘The Champagne of Beers’ Will Be Available in Champagne-Style Bottles for the Holiday Season

Since 1903, Miller High Life dubbed itself The Champagne of Beers” as the brewing company’s flagship product. Now, they are reminding people exactly why we should toast to that notion by releasing the beer in an actual champagne bottle.

In 2016, Chicago locals and online buyers were able to buy limited amounts of the bubbly beer in this fancy, celebrational bottling. 2017 saw them sell out again in the metro Milwaukee and Chicago areas. This time, it will be available nationwide in collector’s edition packaging.

The festive bottle – available November 7 – features the iconic girl in the moon logo with gold foil and a red stripe that reads “The Champagne of Beers.” For $3.49, you can snatch up a 750ml (25 ounces) bottle to take to every holiday party appearance or to give as a gift.

Look for them in liquor stores, supermarkets, and even your favorite watering hole to try out yourself before sharing with friends. Stock up well though, because this special item will only be available in limited quantities, marked with the year 2018 on the label. In years past, these bottles sold out within weeks.

Beer connoisseurs won’t have to worry about popping a cork, as these bottles have regular tops. So, grab your champagne flutes and get ready to clink glasses this holiday season, toasting to the High Life!

Do you love Miller High Life? Will you snag a few of these special bottles this year? Are you going to give as gifts or keep them to yourself?