Ellen Gives This Military Wife the Surprise of Her Life!

Our military families truly do so much for our country. Though it’s easy to give all of the glory and accolades to the men and women in uniform, sometimes other equally-important people get overlooked—their families. Today we’re going to see just how deep this sacrifice can be. Don’t worry—this story has a really happy ending!

Ellen DeGeneres is known for her positive outlook, funky dancing, and most of all, her generosity. When she got word that there was a struggling military wife in her audience, she teamed up with the woman’s husband to give her the surprise of her life.

The clip starts with a phone call. Ellen answers it and a man named Chris starts to speak about his wife Mary, who is in the audience.

Judging by her reaction, she has NO idea that he would be calling.

Chris explains his reason for the call to the host. “I’ve actually been away a while for a military training, and so I missed our ten-year wedding anniversary. It’s the only one I ever missed. I was hoping that you can do me a favor, and maybe, do something special for her?”

Well, how can Ellen resist that sweet man? You can already see the host tearing up at the beginning of the call.

After the call finishes, Ellen then invites Chris’ wife onto the stage. Mary reveals her situation to the audience, telling them that her husband is stationed at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, a long six-hour drive from their permanent home in Oklahoma.

The couple’s young kids, nine-year-old Moses and six-year-old Matt, sure miss their daddy! Mary says, “They hate it!” She goes on to explain, “Kids are amazing because they’re so resilient. They’ll find things to keep them busy and have fun, but when they remember, they’re sad and they miss them.” Poor little boys! How’s that for heart wrenching?

When Ellen asks Mary whether she and her sons get to visit Chris often, the mother tells a story of an all-too-common situation—her vehicle has 200,000 miles on it and new cars are, well, expensive.

About her weathered car, she says, “The ‘CHECK ENGINE’ light has been on for forever and one of the doors doesn’t work.” The car runs, but simply put, the mother doesn’t feel safe enough to take it with her on the long drive to Missouri.

Ellen, being the benevolent talk show host that she is, decides that Mary’s sad predicament just won’t do—especially considering the fact that her family is sacrificing so much for the country as it is.

That is when Mary is told to turn around. Can you guess what happens next?

The military wife is so tickled by the thoughtful gesture that she even runs and embraces her new Ford Escape. Well, we don’t blame her one bit for being excited!

Fortunately for her, there is still one big reveal. When Ellen realizes that she hasn’t given the woman the keys to the new car yet, she calls backstage to ask about their whereabouts. You wouldn’t guess who brings them out to her . . .

Her handsome husband, complete with a gorgeous bouquet to boot! It must be amazing to know that there are so many caring people in this world.

Watch the video below to see this unbelievably sweet reunion. You can tell that this husband and wife really love each other!

What do you think about Ellen’s gesture? Are you a member of a military family? If so, how do you deal with bouts of long separation? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!