When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry sat down for a tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey, they revealed a lot of shocking information. We already knew that the British press had treated Meghan unfairly, but we didn’t know how much it effected Meghan’s mental health. She admitted to being suicidal at one point.

Meghan also admitted to feeling trapped. Long before the pandemic and lockdowns, she knew what quarantine felt like. She would go weeks without leaving her home and was told she couldn’t have lunch with her friends.

One of the most shocking revelations was about racism within the royal family. Before Meghan and Harry’s son Archie was born, someone within the family made comments about what color Archie’s skin might be. There were also conversations about not wanting to give Archie any security or the title Prince. Meghan could only assume that all of these conversations were related.

Prince Harry told Oprah off-camera that the comments about skin color were not made by the Queen or Prince Philip, but he would not say who made the comments.

So far, Prince William has been the only member of the royal family to address the racist comments. When asked by a reporter if the royal family is racist, he responded no.

Now, former first lady Michele Obama is speaking out about Meghan and Harry’s Oprah interview. She sat down with TODAY’s Jenna Bush Hager to answer a wide range of questions including what sounds like racism within the royal family.

Hager specifically asked, “What about when she [Meghan] talked about the fact that she experienced racism?” Mrs. Obama didn’t seem completely surprised that Meghan experienced racism. Watch the video below to hear what she had to say.

As mentioned in the interview, Obama has taken a similar path to Markle after leaving public service. They have both turned to streaming services for their new career path. They both have deals with Netflix and Spotify.

Obama was on TODAY to promote her new Netflix show, “Waffles and Mochi,” a kids show that teaches children about nutrition with the help of guest chefs.

Does it surprise you that Michele Obama was not surprised that Meghan Markle experienced racism within the royal family? Are you surprised that there were racist comments made within the royal family?