Long used as a laundry essential to keep socks from straying or delicates from fraying, the mesh laundry bag is a mainstay in many homes. If you consider yourself a laundry pro, then you know what we mean.

They come with zippers, they come with drawstrings, and most importantly, they come in different sizes. Along with that, they also come with a variety of different uses. Cleaning maven extraordinaire Melissa Maker is here to share six ways you can use mesh bags outside of laundry duty.

Once you see these ideas, you’ll probably want to stock up on a new set of bags for your household. Check out all you can do!

  1. Toy Organization

    Melissa points outs that these bags can hold stuffed animals or any other toy to make organization and cleanup a cinch. They make awesome “containers” for Legos, puzzles, pool toys, or any other set you want to keep together. Hang them up or store them out of sight in a closet.

    For any toy used in water, they can be collected into these bags and hung up to dry easily. For your bath area, hook one onto a suction clip!

  2. Food Storage

    This wise mesh bag tip comes in handy in the kitchen. Where are you storing your onions and potatoes right now? If they are lying loosely about instead of in a cool, dark place, gather them together in a mesh bag and put them away in your cupboard.

    You can store other fruits and veggies this way too, or take a few of these bags to the grocery store with you and skip the plastic produce bags!

  3. Toy Washing

    Have your child’s toys gotten a tad bit too crusty? An easy way to sanitize your kids’ plastic toys is to put them into a mesh laundry bag and run them through the dishwasher. This is great for bath toys and kiddie dishes as well. Pay attention to Melissa’s tip on this method so you don’t damage the toys or your machine.

    And hey, don’t leave out your washing machine. It can tackle stuffed animals and dog toys when they’re sealed up in a mesh laundry bag.

Since these bags can be purchased in various colors, you can set up an entire color-coded system for your family! Do it for laundry, toting items on the road, organization, or other needs. Just assign one to each child (or adult) to help them manage their belongings.

As a reminder, you can do more than launder your socks and delicate undergarments in a mesh bag. Pop a sweater into one to prevent it from pilling or becoming droopy when in the machine. Preserve blouses and shirts made of delicate fabrics by using one before running a cycle.

Stay tuned for some of Melissa’s other mesh bag tips. Now you’ll be able to protect your laundry and keep the rest of your home organized too.


What do you think of Melissa’s ideas? How do you use mesh laundry bags? Which of these tips will you try?