Melissa Joan Hart Reveals That She Has Tested Positive For Covid Despite Vaccination in Emotional Video

If you think that it’s safe to walk around without wearing a face mask if you are fully vaccinated, you might want to listen up. Breakthrough cases happen, and they can effect anyone. Actress Melissa Joan Hart posted a video on Instagram yesterday revealing that even though she is vaccinated, she has tested positive for Covid.

Hart believes that she got Covid from one of her children who most likely got Covid from someone at school. In the video, she shared that she regrets that fact that her children weren’t required to wear face masks to school. So far, besides one of her children and herself, nobody else in her family has gotten sick, and she is “praying” it stays that way.

Hart started her video by saying that she “never” posts videos, but this time she felt like it was important to post a video. In the video, she is in bed definitely looking like she doesn’t feel her best. She pushes her glasses out of the way as she tries to get in a comfortable position to look at the camera.

Watch the video below to learn more about Hart’s emotional video, what she regrets, and her message to anyone who sees this video.

You can watch Hart’s full video below.


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Many of Hart’s followers have commented on her video sending her words of encouragement and get well wishes. One person wrote, “Sending love and don’t be so hard on yourself.”

Another comment reads, “I think it’s really meaningful you sharing this. It will matter and help many. Thank you, and I will be praying for your fam and you. Sending much love. I know how strong you are.”

Do you think children should wear face masks at school to prevent spreading Covid? Does it surprise you that Melissa Joan Hart got Covid even though she was vaccinated? Do you think she’s being too hard on herself in the video?