Out of all the people who regretted missing the royal wedding, Meghan Markle’s father was probably feeling it the most. Media coverage of Thomas Markle and that side of Meghan’s family only created a frenzy.

It’s not quite over. Although he’s kept a low profile since the wedding drama and his subsequent surgery, Thomas Markle recently gave an interview to Good Morning Britain. Over the past few weeks, news outlets and royal fans have wondered what Mr. Markle has been up to, and if the newlyweds have seen him.

During the interview, he was asked about the photo “scandal” in which he collaborated with a photographer to stage some pictures. He said he apologized to the couple and still feels bad about it, calling it a mistake.

Because of that incident and his resulting heart trouble, he missed the wedding. Meghan was very concerned – but understanding – about her father, who really wanted to be there. When speaking about the wedding day, he said he was very emotional.

Proud of his beautiful daughter, he expressed regret about not being there to hold her hand but was “thrilled” that Prince Charles was able to walk her down the aisle. He watched it on TV while recovering from his heart surgery and described it as being “the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.”

Markle also stated that Meghan was smart to invite her Suits family to the wedding rather than the Markles “who crept out of the woodwork”. He also complimented his ex-wife, calling her beautiful as well.

In his conversations with his daughter and new son-in-law since then, he said he’s been encouraging them to go on a honeymoon so they can take a break from the public eye. He has yet to meet Prince Harry in person, but has spoken to him on the phone, and refers to him as a nice man and a gentleman.

He also acknowledged that dealing with constant attention from the press for over a year has been difficult, but he said he is adjusting and will be fine. Hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid shared with Markle that the public seems empathetic towards him in light of all the scrutiny and pressure. He certainly wasn’t expecting the flood of interest in his personal life and day-to-day activities.

To hear about how Meghan broke the news about her new beau and how Harry asked for Mr. Markle’s blessing, click on the video below. This was Thomas Markle’s first (and possibly only) interview about the wedding, and we’re unsure if we’ll be hearing from him again or how soon. One thing that he’s made clear is that things are great between him and Meghan— and Prince Harry too.

As the royal couple embarks on their new life, we hope some of the hoopla surrounding Meghan’s family dies down. It can’t be easy for her or those who have her best interest at heart.

What are your thoughts on Thomas Markle? Do you feel sorry for him and his position? What would you have done in his shoes?