Although the royal wedding event of the year is out of the way, many viewers were wondering how Meghan Markle’s mom, Doria Ragland, fared under all the spotlight. During the ceremony, we saw how she sweetly and gracefully watched her only child walk down the aisle, but how excited was she?

Well, according to some reports, there were two major highlights from Ms. Ragland’s trip across the pond. The first, of course, was being there for her daughter as she married into royalty in front of millions. Months of preparation had finally culminated in what turned out to be a beautiful day for the couple.

The other major highlight? It was meeting Queen Elizabeth II! Insiders say that along with welcoming Meghan into the family, the royals have also embraced her mother. Ms. Ragland had tea – along with Harry and Meghan – the day before the nuptials with the Queen herself. Prince Philip was also in attendance.

While we won’t ever find out the details about this meeting and their conversation, sources have said that everyone got on extremely well. Earlier that week, Ms. Ragland was introduced to Meghan’s other in-laws, including Prince Charles and Camilla, and Prince William and his family.

Like Meghan, she was said to be very charming and warm, and before being introduced to the Queen, was given the rundown on the monarch by Prince Harry. He shared stories about her as a grandmother and they both gave her the scoop on what to expect when meeting her.

From what we saw at the wedding, all parties were sweet with each other during the ceremony, with Prince Charles even escorting his new in-law arm-in-arm out of the chapel. Since then, Ms. Ragland has returned to her life in Los Angeles, quietly avoiding speaking with the press or paparazzi.

When people marry, blending two families together can go smoothly or not, but it seems like things are great between the royals and Meghan’s mom. As the attention from the wedding is starting to fade away, so is the attention that was being placed on her paternal side of the family.

It couldn’t have been easy for Ms. Ragland to deal with the sudden interest in her personal life once her daughter’s relationship became media fodder. The royals are old pros at handling being under a microscope, so we’d be willing to guess the team at royal headquarters were keen to help her adjust.

So far, it seems like she is handling things as best she can. Prior to the wedding, she quit her job at a mental health clinic, leading people to think that perhaps a move overseas could be on the horizon. Who knows? Click on the video to hear more about her royal visit!

One thing is for sure. Meghan’s mom made quite the impression on the public during the wedding ceremony. She looked beautiful, composed, and gracious as the world watched. We wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Queen was charmed by her presence.

Would you have been nervous or excited if you were Doria Ragland meeting the Queen? How do you think she’s handling the attention? How would you cope?