Very important question: did you just so happen to purchase a Mega Millions ticket in South Carolina recently? If so, it’s time that you check your ticket, because it was just announced that a winner has finally been sold. This makes this the biggest lottery jackpot of all time for a single ticket win– that one Mega Millions ticket is worth a staggering $1.537 billion!

According to the Mega Millions website, the winning numbers are as follows: 5, 28, 62, 65, 70, 5.

Now, if you did happen to purchase a Mega Millions ticket in South Carolina, you should definitely take a close look at the ticket. Of course, it’s highly doubtful that you did win. After all, your odds were never that great in the first place–1 in 302,000,000 is a tough statistic to wrap your head around. That said, the ticket hasn’t technically been claimed yet, so it could really be anyone at this point!

Once the ticket is handed in, the incredibly lucky winner will have the option to either take home $878 million in a lump sum payment or receive the full $1.537 billion in annuities over the next 29 years.

Decisions, decisions…

In addition to the big, multi-billionaire dollar-prize, three others won a million dollars and another won a cool 3 million dollars in the drawing.

Hey, those numbers aren’t in the billions, but we’d take them in a heartbeat!

To learn more about this historic jackpot win and to find out where the other winning tickets were purchased, be sure to watch the video below. A handful of Southerners just got a whole lot richer!

We can’t wait to hear your take on this incredible Mega Millions win! Did you purchase a ticket in this lottery drawing? If so, did you choose to select your numbers? Have you ever won a lottery prize before?