Although birthdays are a pretty big deal, you can’t help but want to celebrate the longevity of someone who has been on the planet for 100 years. And let us tell you, centenarians know how to party.

If you want to learn about someone who is an example of that, look no further than Virginia McLaurin who just turned 110 years old on March 12th. Ms. McLaurin – affectionately known as “Grandma Virginia” – first charmed Americans three years ago when she met the Obamas at the White House and danced with them.

The Washington, D.C., resident was there for a visit during a Black History Month event and she soon went viral. But on her monumental birthday yesterday, she got a couple of shout-outs from the couple on social media. Michelle Obama posted a photo of her dancing at the White House and they both wished her a happy birthday.

McLaurin moved to D.C. in 1941 from South Carolina. According to the Washington Post, the majority of her career was spent working as a seamstress. As you can imagine, she has seen many things during her lifetime. She said because she grew up in the South, she never thought she would ever get to step inside the White House or see a black president.

She called it an honor. While chatting with the Obamas, they laughed and the former first lady could be heard telling her, “I want to be like you when I grow up,” to which McLaurin replied, “You can!”

This year, her birthday plans included a trip to TGI Friday’s with family and church friends. Her wish? To meet the mayor of Washington, D.C., who is an adoptive mother just like her. McLaurin is a widow but keeps busy by volunteering with local children.

She told ABC 7:

“I’m not getting any younger. As far as I can see I’m the oldest thing in the District. I’ve come a long way. I didn’t think I’d ever live to see 100.”

In some cities like D.C. and Philadelphia, an annual celebration is held to honor all the centenarians who live in the area by highlighting their contributions and achievements. They even get to share some of the early memories.

Filled with stories, experiences, and knowledge that many of us will probably never behold ourselves, centenarians are something to be celebrate. Right now, the U.S. outranks other countries with this special class of elderly citizens, with numbers over 70,000.

If there aren’t any in your family, surely one is close by. Some, like Ms. McLaurin, even have social media accounts. Seriously, she has a Facebook account and Tumblr page.

Watch the video below to see McLaurin boogie with the Obamas when she was 106. She’s got over 100 years’ worth of dance moves in her pocket and makes it look so easy. Let’s all hope we’re still having that much fun in our golden years!

Had you heard of Virginia McLaurin? What sort of wise advice would you ask her for? Do you find Ms. McLaurin or another centenarian delightful?