International McDonald’s Locations Have Given Their Golden Arches a Makeover As a Reminder to Practice Social Distancing

Many companies and celebrities are doing their part to boost morale and support people who are fighting the good fight against COVID-19. For example, Neil Diamond modified the lyrics of his popular song “Sweet Caroline,” and Starbucks is giving free coffee to medical staff and first responders.

Now, McDonald’s is doing their part to help out during the coronavirus pandemic. While the popular fast food chain is not giving anything away, they are changing their logo in some countries.

No, McDonald’s is not putting up new signs on their buildings, but they have changed the logo on social media. For example, in Brazil, McDonald’s released an image of the golden arches where the arches are separated.

At first glance, you might wonder what they has to do with the coronavirus pandemic. It’s a reminder about social distancing.

McDonald’s in India followed in Brazil’s footsteps by releasing their own image of the golden arches with space in the middle. The caption on their Instagram post says it all, “A little distance goes a long way! Stay home, stay safe. #SocialDistancing #StaySafe.”


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A little distance goes a long way! Stay home, stay safe. #SocialDistancing #StaySafe

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While McDonald’s is still open here in the U.S., many restaurants have closed their Playplaces and dining areas, switching to drive thru, take out and delivery options only.

Over in the United Kingdom and Ireland, McDonald’s closed their restaurants completely on March 23rd. The company explained the decision by saying that it was becoming too difficult to practice social distancing at these locations. Hopefully the separated golden arches will help encourage employees and customers to follow social distancing rules.

McDonald’s is committed to helping their employees and customers stay safe during this difficult time. The company is paying employees for 2 weeks of sick leave if they develop symptoms related to the coronavirus or if they are tested and confirmed positive for COVID-19. McDonald’s has also added stronger cleaning requirements in their restaurants, and they are encouraging employees to wash their hands.

In a statement, McDonald’s USA president Joe Erlinger said the following:

While we continue to serve our communities, the safety, wellness and economic security of our customers and employees is our top priority as it has been throughout our 65-year history and especially today. That’s why we have taken significant precautions to protect our customers and employees from COVID-19: closing many of our dine-in sections, closing all play areas, increasing cleanings, particularly in high-traffic areas, and making hand sanitizer available in our restaurants.”

Providing calm and comfort to McDonald’s customers, employees and communities is what McDonalds is all about. We are all in this together. We are here to serve.”

What do you think about the social distancing version of the McDonald’s logo? Does an image of separated golden arches make you take social distancing more seriously?