Man Builds Underground Wine Cellar That Make All of His Neighbors Jealous

Sometimes brilliant ideas strike us out of nowhere and it’s so, so easy to just brush them aside as “crazy” and move on. But when Wayne Martin had his genius thought, he could not let it rest! So, he decided to go for it and attempt one of the most epic home improvement projects we’ve ever seen.

The project began with a serious bang: with Martin digging a massive hole right in his backyard.

Understandably, his neighbors were confused and even upset by the digging at first. Not only was the digging disruptive, but they all felt that he was ruining the value of the property (and, by association, their property) by digging this random hole in his yard!

Little did they know what exactly Martin had in mind.

A little while into the excavation of his backyard and huge delivery was made to the Martin residence. It was a gigantic, 20-foot-long metal shipping container, which he had found online for a special, low price. The hole he had dug was specifically two feet wider and longer than the container, so it would fit inside perfectly.

First, he sealed the double door on the container and installed a swinging one instead, then the container was promptly lowered into with the help of a local septic company (who lent him their crane).

The mystery project carried on.

With the massive box in place, he inserted a sump pump in front of the door. This piece of plumbing equipment would help drain any water out of the enclosed space, making sure the container wouldn’t get flooded.

Next, he laid out concrete steps which led underground right down to the front door. Martin installed the two I-beams, added the rest of the framework, and laid sheets of corrugated metal to form a roof over the underground shipping container.

You might not know what all these technical steps mean, but we’ll put it this way: he was basically making an impenetrable, underground fortress of sorts. It wouldn’t leak, cave in from the sides, or cave in from the top, which probably meant he was building it so people could spend time in it.

But what exactly was Martin making all this time? Was it a bunker or some kind of below-ground man cave? Not quite!

You’ll have to watch the Rumble video below to see the brilliant project that Martin had been secretly pulling together all this time! Needless to say, his neighbors must be pretty jealous now, knowing what he built right in his backyard.