Taking one person’s “trash” and making it into Christmas treasure has been a big trend as of late. With upcycling and dollar store DIY crafting on the rise, it’s clear that creating beautiful things from found materials is officially a movement! That’s why we’re sharing a super fun and festive project for you. You will want to make a cute mason jar snow globe for each and every one of your loved ones!

This project comes courtesy of our creative friends over at OWN. Our favorite part about this snow globe craft is that all of the materials are cheap and easy to find. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if you have many of these already in your home. Just open up that art cabinet, and take a look!

Here’s a list of what you will need to get started:

  • Large flake glitter (those coarse flake-shaped pieces work best!)
  • Fine shimmer glitter (the shinier, the better!)
  • Liquid glycerin (you can find this at your local craft or drug store)
  • Squeezable epoxy glue
  • Distilled water (enough to fill up your mason jar)
  • Mason jar (any size works!)
  • Holiday miniatures (think mini trees, ornaments, and figurines)
  1. Accessorize your globe

    christmas tree epoxyOWN

    Start off this project by taking the top of your mason jar and placing it on a table, then add some of the epoxy to the inside of the cap. Once you’ve dabbed some of that strong glue on the lid, secure your holiday miniatures, using the glue on their bases as well. Give 24 hours to cure.

  2. Add the glitz

    water mason jarOWN

    Mix your large flake glitter and fine shimmer glitter together in a small container, then stir both up before spooning the blend into your mason jar. Next, take your distilled water and fill your jar up to just below the rim.

  3. Create a slow motion effect

    liquid glycerinOWN

    To ensure that your glitter falls in that slow, dreamy fashion that we all love, take a medicine dropper full of the liquid glycerin and drip into your mason jar. You should see the glitter start to immediately swirl. So pretty!

  4. Watch that lovely snow fall

    mason jar snow globeOWN

    For your last step, simply grab your epoxied top and screw it back onto your mason jar tightly. Give the container a good shake, shake, shake, and enjoy! What a gorgeous snow globe!

We think that this easy holiday décor hack results in a beautiful final product! If you want to make your mason jar snow globe even blingier, we suggest adding some multi-colored glitter. Red and green flakes pair quite well with this Christmas holiday theme.

For extra help on this fun project, go ahead and watch OWN’s video below. After you view the video, we’re sure that you’ll be rooting around your recycling bin for a mason jar—the project’s just that cool!

What do you think of this DIY mason jar snow globe? Have you made one of these yourself before? If so, what types of holiday miniatures did you include inside? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!