Packing lunch doesn’t have to be a drag, people! Whether it’s for you or your kids, the chore of lunch packing can be a pain in the neck. We totally get it. Not only do you have to come up with creative, healthy lunches that you or the kids will actually enjoy, but you have to find a creative way to store them, too. While most of us probably think brown bags or insulated lunch bags are the only way to go, we don’t have to confine ourselves to the old-fashioned lunchbox of yore. For today’s creative lunches, we need some creative lunch storage, as well!

Look no further than this brilliant lunchtime hack – and we mean brilliant. This trick from LittleThings blew us away, and we think you’re going to be pretty excited to upgrade your lunch game with this clever tip.

All you need is a mason jar (of any size) and empty applesauce containers. Plastic applesauce containers may seem like a weird thing to save, but once you see this trick, you’ll want to stock up immediately. All you have to do is rinse out your containers once your kids have finished their applesauce, then stick them in the dish washer to give them a thorough wash.

Once the containers are clean, you can get right to the grand finale: turning them into removable top containers for a variety of different lunches and snacks! All you have to do is put the apple sauce container on top of the metal lid, then screw the rim of the jar on, securing the container in place.

You can do so much with this lunchtime hack! Add a side of hummus for some crisp veggies, fill up a mason jar of milk and add cereal on top for breakfast on-the-go, or add berries for a yogurt and granola parfait. You can even double-stack two applesauce containers to make a DIY lunchables – and what kid doesn’t want that for lunch?

For grown-ups, try putting some balsamic vinegar on top of a mixed salad for a healthy, mess-free lunchtime treat. You’ll be enjoying your healthy lunch in style.

The possibilities with this trick are limitless, so make sure to get creative with your brand new lunchbox! Share your ideas for how you’ll use this re-imagined lunchbox in the comments section below.