Marshalls Will Be Launching an Online Store Later This Year

We love Marshalls. I mean, who doesn’t? Whether we’re looking for pieces of clothing for a new wardrobe, the cutest home décor, toys for the kids, or a wide range of healthy food, Marshalls has literally everything a girl (and even a guy these days) could ever want and need—and at the bargain prices we adore.

Well, there is just one thing that Marshalls is missing: The convenience of an online store. Marshalls is one of those places that you have to physically go to and peruse the racks—there’s no way to shop online.

That’s right, there no shopping from your bathrobe on your laptop, no browsing table runners from the scroll of a phone—jut a brick and mortar stores that you have to find the time to make a trip to, find what you’re looking for by luck, and then wait in the long lines while you buy your items.

While you might notice that there is a that does already exist, this website doesn’t actually allow you to purchase anything from the store (except gift cards—what a tease!). The site simply contains a store locator as well as some photos inspired by what’s sold in Marshalls stores.

Well, that’s all about to change. Low and behold, there is a Marshalls god and he loves us—and his name is Ernie Herrman, the CEO of The TJX Companies, (the parent of Marshalls as well as TJ Maxx and Home Goods). Herrman has just made the announcement we’ve all been waiting for: That Marshalls is planning to launch an online store.

TJ Maxx launched their online store in 2013, and Herrman says the new Marshalls online platform will act as a complementary component to that.

“We have learned a lot from,” Herrman said, alluding to the fact that TJ Maxx’s online platform helped to drive customer awareness and boost sales. “We really believe it drives incremental store traffic.”

Honestly, Marshalls really doesn’t need any help boosting their sales—they’redoing just find without an online store and even exceeded their fourth-quarter sales last year. But it seems like the natural progression to even more sales, especially with TJ Maxx doing so well.

Plus, it’s 2019 and we really want to buy a cute $3 mug from our dining room table, dang it.

The company said in order to prevent the “cannibalization of sales,” they will attempt to keep items on the website different from the actual store locations. Herrman also said that this tactic will help to “encourage cross-shopping.” We’re sure he’s right about that one!

The Marshalls online store is set to be launched later in 2019—and we can’t wait!

To learn more about Marshalls’ move into the digital realm, check out the video below.

What do you think of Marshalls finally launching an online store? Do you think it’s been a long time coming, or do you prefer to shop in the physical store? What are your favorite items to buy at Marshalls?