More Details Arrive About Meghan Markle’s Wedding Day Look

In less than a day, the royal couple of the decade, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – sorry, Will and Kate!) – are set to be married in a grand ceremony at St. George’s Chapel. To say that this wedding is a “much-anticipated” one is to diminish it; the energy surrounding this particular coupling is like one that we haven’t seen in years!

So, why are people so excited about the idea of Harry and Meghan? Well, for starters, the pair is unlike any that England has seen in some time.

Meghan is an ex-actress and an American, of course, who comes from an ordinary Los Angeles family. Her parents are divorced and have absolutely no connections to the Royal Family whatsoever. It’s a truly refreshing change of pace, considering the royal connections have been so tight-knit for many years.

It’s also fair to say that the much of the interest comes from the fact that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are, simply put, a gorgeous couple.

As a matter of fact, fans have been separately pining for these two for years. Now that they are together, they have created quite the powerhouse duo that, we think, could challenge even the most beautiful of Hollywood couples. We’re looking at you, George and Amal!

Because of their stunning good looks, it’s only natural that many a Royal Family fan, new and old alike, are trying their bests to figure out what the two will look like on their big day.

One thing that we already know is that Meghan will not be donning Duchess Kate’s beloved Cartier Halo Tiara because it will be on display in Australia. But tiaras aside, we do have some idea of what her dress will look like!

How Meghan Markle will flaunt her signature style on the big day

First things first: let’s look at the dress! Several weeks ago, we gave you a couple of different ideas in terms of dress designers.

We’ve primarily heard two fashion house names mentioned in connection with the wedding dress. Both Ralph & Russo and Inbar Dror have been the most likely contenders for designers. We’ve also heard that the dress will be somewhere in the 6-figure range, the lowest being $135,000 and the highest being over $400,000.

Now, before you get too enraged by the insanely steep price tag, just remember that the garment will be part of history— and Meghan is paying for it, anyway. Don’t forget, she’s got all of that Suits money in the bank!

While we, of course, can’t wait to catch our first glimpses of what will undoubtedly be a gorgeous gown, we are equally excited to see what the future Duchess’ hair and makeup team have in store for us!

To learn more about who Meghan will be using to create her wedding day look, be sure to watch the video below. Something tells us she’ll be a shoe-in for the most beautiful royal bride of all time…

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Meghan’s wedding day look predictions! What do you think her dress will look like? How about her hair and makeup? Will she take any fashion risks?