The process of blending families sure can be a delicate, sometimes awkward task. But, lucky for the newest member of the Royal Family, Duchess Meghan, her famous grandmother-in-law is doing her part to make the practice simpler.

A source close to Buckingham Palace tells British newspaper, Express, that the Queen has decided to invite the Duchess’ mother, 62-year-old Doria Ragland to celebrate Christmas with the rest of the Royal Family at the Sandringham Estate. It’s a gesture that might not seem like that big of a deal at first glance–after all, many families join forces to celebrate together on Christmas day–but, apparently, Ragland is the ONLY in-law to be asked to stay over at the Queen’s holiday residence.

Talk about an honor, right? Even the senior royal source called the invitation “a very thoughtful gesture” on the part of the Queen.

But, ostensibly, this offer is also a bit of a controversial one, considering the fact that, as we already mentioned, no other in-laws have been invited, including Duchess Kate’s parents.


But, the unnamed royal source seems to feel that the snub isn’t malicious and that Ragland’s invitation is really more of a practical gesture for the family’s only foreign-born and raised member. “It’s a mark of the Queen’s respect for Meghan and an acknowledgment that she doesn’t have any other relations in this country – unlike Kate who has the support of a very close family.”

Makes sense. Yet, it’s still hard to imagine that this won’t cause some tension between Prince William and his grandmother. We wish the future King of England luck if Duchess Kate takes offense, but something tells us that when the Queen makes up her mind, she makes up her mind!

To learn more about this unprecedented royal Christmas invite, be sure to watch the video below.

We’d love to hear your take on Doria Ragland’s Sandringham Estate invitation. Are you surprised that the Queen invited her? Do you think Duchess Kate will be offended? Do you think Ragland will accept the offer?