Newlywed and newly-minted Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle has begun to make her first set of official appearances with and without Prince Harry. We’ve seen photos of her at Prince Charles’s birthday celebration in May, the Queen’s Trooping the Colour event, and most recently, at the Queen’s side in Cheshire.

Now that she’s officially a royal herself, Meghan has to undergo six months of training under the guidance of Samantha Cohen, a senior advisor at the palace. Cohen, who has worked in various roles with the royal family since 2001, was originally set to resign but decided to stay on as an interim press secretary for Prince Harry and Meghan.

The term? Six more months. According to The Times, she once worked as the Queen’s assistant press secretary, and started coaching Meghan in royal protocol right after the engagement was announced. As part of her duchess training, Meghan will learn about more than public etiquette and how to wear a fascinator.

Cohen’s move from Buckingham Palace to Kensington Palace serves to ensure the newly married couple adjusts to their new life— especially Meghan. Although she is accustomed to life in the public eye, the former actress has an experienced team around her that will help her navigate these fresh waters.

“It will be six months of listening. She is seeking out advice from a range of people. She is going to proceed with humility.”

Cohen has been traveling with the couple on their official outings, as well as on Meghan’s trip with the Queen by train this week. Sources told Vanity Fair this about Cohen:

“There’s very little Samantha doesn’t know, and she’s very well liked and respected at the Palace. She’s the perfect aide to help guide Meghan in some of the complexities of protocol.”

Nicknamed “Samantha the Panther”, she is known for her dedication, resourcefulness, and straightforward manner when it comes to doing her job. The Australia native has an extensive background in public relations and will continue to travel with Harry and Meghan as they execute their royal duties around the world.

As an American, there are still quite a few things Meghan will have to learn about British culture and royal life in her role as a duchess. So, whose idea was it for Meghan to take a course in being a duchess?

To learn more about the busy months that lie ahead for Meghan and Samantha Cohen, click on the video below. She may make a faux pas here or there, but it looks like she’s got a great team backing her!

Did you know that commoners like Meghan Markle have to go through training? What do you think of the requirement? Of the royal advisors?