Despite the Rumors That Are Circulating, It Looks Like Meghan Markle Hasn’t Given Birth In Secret

No one’s seen Meghan Markle for a couple of weeks now, and it’s making royal fans antsy about the status of Baby Sussex’s arrival. Is he or she here yet?

It’s been reported that Prince Harry and Markle have received visitors at Frogmore Cottage, including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Queen Elizabeth. Additionally, Meghan’s mother, Doria, was said to have arrived from the States weeks ago.

This has led some to believe that she has given birth in secret or is on bed rest and pins and needles waiting for the baby to come. According to royal watchers and “insiders,” everyone can calm down because the newest royal is not here yet.

New speculation asserts that Buckingham Palace will notify the media when the duchess goes into labor, if it is feasible. Other details will be released at a later time according to the couple’s wishes.

Last month, the royals issued a statement saying that they are grateful for the well-wishes from the public but wanted to keep details about the baby’s arrival private so they could have time to celebrate as a family.

That has not stopped some royal fans from being obsessed. A number of commenters on social media have expressed their anxiety or dissatisfaction about not knowing what’s going on with the baby:

“I am desperate for news on the #RoyalBaby it’s driving me nuts!”

“I’ve probably checked at least 10 times on google about Baby Sussex.”

Until the world receives official word from the palace, everyone will have to keep guessing, speculating, choosing names, or just chilling out.

Can you wait for the baby’s arrival and are you excited for the couple too? Do you think Baby Sussex is already here?