Military families don’t have the easiest lifestyle. When family members are deployed, not only do they miss each other, but they miss out on special events.

We can all relate to missing a loved one, and that’s why when see happy reunions and surprise homecomings, we melt. TV host Ellen pulled off one of the best surprise reunions on unsuspecting guest, Jessica Gerren.

Jessica’s husband Christopher was deployed to Afghanistan a few months after their daughter Madison turned one. At the time, she was also pregnant with their second child, Remington. Away for nearly seven months, the marine missed the birth of his new baby girl.

The separation was understandably hard on the family, but Jessica was holding down the fort in North Carolina while her husband was away. First, Ellen surprised Jessica, which you can see here. As she interviewed her on her sofa about life as a military wife and her family, Ellen suddenly had Corporal Christopher Gerren appear on a screen behind her.
Jessica was very emotional as soon as she caught a glimpse of him on camera. There goes one round of tissues. Static and pauses were soon interfering with their communication, and a frustrated Ellen left the couch to go talk to a producer about the glitch. As Jessica watched what was happening onscreen, Ellen popped up in the frame with her hubby. Gotcha! He was there in the flesh!
Jessica had no idea that he returned to the states and her reaction was priceless. This was one of Ellen’s best pranks, and Jessica jumped off the couch and straight into her hubby’s arms.
In the clip below, you’ll see the second part of this heartwarming family reunion when Christopher gets to see his adorable daughters. After months of separation, Christopher reunites with Madison and meets his baby girl, 8-week-old Remington, for the very first time. Watch to see the sweet reaction between daddy and daughters.

Image of family reuniting.The Ellen Show

Make sure you have a few more handfuls of tissues ready for some waterworks. That’s not all. Later in the show, the generous host also gifted the family with a few more surprises. Ellen learned that the couple never went on a honeymoon, so she set them up with an all-expenses paid trip to St. Lucia. It included a private villa and sunset cruise just for them.
Not one to leave those beautiful babies out, Ellen teamed up with Groupon who wanted to give them $10,000 in cash. Go ahead and take a break to wipe your eyes. We know those onions are getting to you.
If you watch Ellen’s show regularly, then you may know she does a lot for the military community. She’s pretty consistent at delivering these types of tear-jerking moments. For the Gerren family, she squeezed in about three or four. How many times did you cry?

What do you think of Ellen’s gesture for this military family? Are you also a military wife who’s holding things down? Do you have a loved one deployed overseas? Share with us in the comments!