If you want your home to be a neat, organized, orderly place where there’s a place for everything, you really need to watch the Netflix show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” In each episode, Kondo helps a different family tackle their clutter problems once and for all. By the end of each episode, each home is super organized, and the families really seem to think they’ll be able to keep it that way.

Kondo really seems to have a solution for every single storage problem imaginable. She knows the best way to store purses. She knows the best way to store sentimental items. She knows the best way to store clothing.

One of the things Kondo is known for is her unique folding technique that results in clothes that are neatly folded in little squares. Instead of stacking clothes in drawers like we’ve done forever, Kondo also recommends standing these clothing squares up on their ends which basically results in drawers where your clothes are filed instead of stacked. Not only does it look cool, it’s much easier to see what you have and find the specific item of clothing that you want to wear.

One item that many people struggle to learn how to fold correctly is the fitted sheet. First of all, it’s huge, and with the elastic around the edges, it seems impossible to smooth down and fold neatly.

Yes, Kondo knows how to fold a fitted sheet too. She’s not a very tall person, so if she can do it, pretty much anyone can.

Kondo’s technique involves sitting on the floor with the fitted sheet in front of her. We assume you could also do this while sitting on the bed, but you’d need a large flat space in front of you where you can work with the sheet.

She fluffs the sheet out in front of her with the elastic ends facing up. She doesn’t seem too concerned if the sheet is perfectly smooth or not. She simply folds the sheet in thirds as smoothly as possible.

Depending on where you plan on storing your sheets, Kondo has different recommendations on how to finish the folding process. The way she’d fold a sheet to store inside a drawer is different than the way she’d fold it for storage inside a linen closet.

Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to perfect fold a fitted sheet the KonMari way. There are three options, so you’re sure to find the right one for your home.

Did you know folding a fitted sheet could be so easy? Which folding method do you plan on using?