Running a marathon is never easy. Athletes prepare for months on end to compete. While some are trying to win or beat their best time, others simply want to cross the finish line.

Now, imagine running a marathon while holding a puppy. Sounds kind of weird, doesn’t it? Your first question might be, why would you run a marathon while holding a puppy?

Stick with us, though. If you were holding a puppy while running a marathon, it might slow you down since it would be added weight, limit your arm movement, and be a huge distraction, especially if it’s a puppy that likes to wiggle around a lot.

On the other hand, carrying a puppy while running a marathon could be wonderful. Just think how motivating it would be to look at an adorable puppy face throughout the race. Perhaps the puppy would be inspiration to keep going if you started to get tired.

When Khemjira Klongsanun was training for the Chombueng marathon in western Thailand, she never imagined that she would carry a puppy for 19 miles.

The race started out like any other race, but seven miles in, runners noticed a frightened puppy next to the concrete. Runner after runner avoided the Thai wolf dog, but Khemjira couldn’t keep running knowing that the little puppy was trembling and all alone.

Khemjira temporarily stopped running and went over to the puppy. This part of the race was not in a residential area, so Khemjira determined that the puppy must either be lost or abandoned. It was a hot day, and she didn’t think he would survive all by himself.

Khemjira did the only thing she could think to do. She picked up the puppy, nestled him under her arm, and continued the race. She ended up running for a total of 19 miles while carrying the puppy.

In the video below, you can see the smile on her face and on the faces of the other runners as they look at the little puppy while they run.

Khemjira’s focus and ability to keep going while holding the puppy is quite impressive!

After Khemjira’s crossed the finish line, she brought the puppy home with her and tried to locate the owner. When no one claimed the puppy, Khemjira decided to adopt him herself. She has named the puppy Chombueng since that was the name of the marathon she was running when she found him.

Do you think you could run 19 miles while holding a puppy? Have you ever rescued an abandoned puppy?