Usually when you hear someone has a swimming pool, you assume it’s out in their backyard. But in the case of this $17.5 million home, their luxurious swimming pool is right in the living room.

You read that right. Because what would entertaining be without an infinity Jacuzzi? You have to see what the inside of this New Jersey mansion looks like, pool and all! And, good news for anyone on the market for a stunningly beautiful manor, this unbelievable house is for sale. Watch the video below to take a virtual tour through all the incredible features of this home, you won’t be sorry you did.

First things first: location. This home is in Bergen County, New Jersey, only 25 minutes outside of Manhattan. So for anyone who’s ever dreamed of living just a train ride into the city, this mansion just became that much more appealing. (Although, if you owned this mansion, you probably wouldn’t be taking the train.)

The home is a French manor house with Corinthian stone exterior, situated on 4.5 acres of private wooded land. The mansion itself is 25,000 sq. ft. in total. The look of the manor was inspired by the palace of Versailles, which the family who built it spent months studying and visiting, just to get inspiration for their own home.

The grand hall in a New Jersey mansionCNN Money

When you enter the beautiful foyer, you’re led into the grand hall, which has a huge, double-ceiling height and a Swarovski crystal chandelier. Off of the grand hall is a piano room, an office/library (which sounds like my personal dream come true), and an elegant formal dining room that seats 18.

And then, of course, there’s the living room/pool room. The pool and the living room share one space, with the living room seating sort of melding into the swimming area. If you don’t want to sit on dry land, there is submerged seating for 40 as well as numerous light settings, gigantic water walls, and an infinity hot tub that feeds into the pool.

The swimming pool living room in a New Jersey mansionCNN Money

Is it just me, or is this whole thing very Great Gatsby?

And the cherry on top? This home is powered almost entirely on solar power. Every light within the home, right down to the night lighting on the tennis court, is powered by the sun, leaving almost no carbon footprint.

What do you think of this $17.5 million home? Did you just find your dream house? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.