Comedian Nails Exactly What It’s Like To Be A Mom

It’s hard being a mom. There is so much to balance. Meals, laundry, bedtimes, endless messes, acting as a taxi service for your kids, and for many moms, throw a 9-5 job in the mix. It’s craziness. It doesn’t help that many husbands add to the stress level.

One dad shows that he so gets it. Like, he hilariously, spot-on recreates epic mom moments, and it sounds like his wife is behind the camera trying hard not to laugh.

Moms, don’t worry; he’s not laughing at you. He’s 100% laughing with you. In fact, he’s even poking fun at dads (like himself) in the video.

The video consists of comedian Trey Kennedy talking to an invisible child who you never see on screen. In bit after bit, he almost too correctly captures things moms say and do.

Not every mom says and does everything in this video, but we’re pretty confident that if you’re a mom you’re going to relate to at least one bit from the video. We’re also pretty confident that if you have a mom, you’re going to relate to at last one bit from the video. We can relate from both perspectives.

Our favorite bits include when Kennedy rants about how badly “your dad” snores and the slew of questions he asks one on top of another, basically quizzing the poor child. We can also relate to the part where he insists the child take not one but two coats with him.

Since Kennedy posted the video on Facebook, it has been shared more than 55,000 times, and the commenters love it.

One comment reads, “My 6 year old son watched this with me and laughed so much. When it was over he said ‘give it a like, give it a like!’”

Another person commented, “You must have a great mom!”

Some commenters are even giving Kennedy material. “You forgot the after your first day of school interrogation: ‘Did you talk to anyone at school?’ ‘Did you make any new friends?’ ‘Did anyone compliment your outfit?’ ‘Do you like your teachers?’ ‘What did you learn?’ ‘Did you see [teacher you haven’t had since the third grade]’ ‘What classes are you in?’ ‘Did anyone notice your new shoes?’ ‘Did anyone compliment your new outfit?’ (Yes that one has to be asked twice because you look SO cute in your new outift and she found it on sale)”

In response to the comment above, Kennedy wrote, “That was too traumatizing for me to recreate.”

While clearly everyone can relate to this video, there is only one part about it that commenters don’t feel is spot on. As one commenter writes, “this would have been 100% accurate IF you would have been wearing a robe instead!”

We agree. The apron Kennedy wears in the skit is the only part that doesn’t feel accurate. A robe would have been perfection. In fact, we may or may not be wearing a robe right now while we type this.

Watch Kennedy’s hilarious video below.

Which momisms did you relate to?