When most of us get up to go to work, we expect a normal, ho-hum day with fun sprinkled in here and there. You walk in, do your job, have a couple of laughs, and then go home.

Kalina Blosser went to work one Friday at a Kansas City courthouse where she’s a municipal court clerk. As she and Judge Joe Locascio prepped for the next case to enter the courtroom, she was suspicious when her boyfriend, Mike Severo, walked up to the podium. Her day turned out to be anything but normal.

Because they both worked so closely – she at the courthouse, him next door at City Hall – Kalina wasn’t shocked to see him in there at all. What caught her off guard was the sight of his mother. Was the guy in trouble? No time was wasted as the judge read off Mike’s charges.

For count one the judge said:

“You’re accused, in 2013, while training Kalina Blosser as a court clerk, of failing to maintain a demeanor as a stone cold fox and allowing her to trespass on your heart.”

Kalina could be seen blushing, giggling, and covering her mouth as the first “charge” was leveled. Awwww!

Image of court clerk.Mike Severo
I think you can guess where this is going. Judge Locascio continued:

“In count two, you’re accused of following the said Kalina Blosser around this courthouse for three solid years like a puppy dog in an attempt to gain entrance into her heart.”

Mike was then asked for his plea, which was “guilty” on all counts. The heaviest question the judge had was how he planned to pay restitution. That’s when Mike asked to address the “victim” directly, who was looking nervous and enamored. Kalina stepped down from her desk and walked over to Mike smiling.

Watch the video to see the cute exchange and for Kalina’s reaction. In an article for the Kansas City Star, Mike said he didn’t want to opt for the average proposal. That’s when he successfully enlisted the help of Judge Locascio to pull it off. The two came up with a script and picked a slow day to set things up.

Not only did Mike have the support of friends and family there to back him up, but some co-workers were there to witness the moment as well. The couple’s romance is pretty well-known in their workplace where many have watched it blossom over the years.

For Mike to choose the place where they first met for his proposal was so sweet and meaningful for the both of them. And we’ve got to admit the judge did a good job at hiding the surprise, because even the bailiff looked amused and caught off guard. The next step for the guilty party and his blushing bride-to-be? Figuring out the guest list for their big day!

Have you ever been a part of, or seen a surprise wedding proposal like this one? What do you think of Kalina and Mike’s courthouse courtship? Let us know in the comments!