Man Calls Out ‘Racist’ Wife in a Gas Station Altercation That’s Gone Viral on TikTok

When we go to a gas station, it is to get gas so that we can drive from point A to point B. It’s not to get in fights with other customers or with family members. Unfortunately, that’s not how it is for everyone.

We’re not sure what started it, but there is a viral TikTok video where a white couple and a black couple are at a gas station. You might assume based on the previous sentence that there is some racial tension and perhaps someone here might even be racist. You would assume right.

Once again, we don’t know what happened before the video started, but at the beginning of the video, a white woman is standing outside the car at the gas station while her husband pleads with her to get in the car. She doesn’t listen to him. Instead, she looks at another car, a Buick, and she seems to be upset about something.

Then we see that there is a black man standing up outside the Buick. He doesn’t seem upset. He doesn’t even say anything in the video. However, it is clear that the white woman, Erin, has a problem with the black couple. We’re not sure why and neither is her husband.

Over and over, her husband pleads, “Get in the car, Erin.” She ignores him. Meanwhile the woman who is filming the video, who is apparently sitting in the Buick the black man is driving, is laughing and adding, “Yeah, get in the car, Erin.”

The white man in the video is clearly not racist, and he is very apologetic for his wife. The video was shared on Reddit, and many Reddit users feel sorry for him and even pointed out how the black man seems to feel sorry for the white man during this interaction.

One Reddit user wrote, “I see a lot of Karen videos where strangers and bystanders are the ones who have to call them out, and the information just goes in one ear and out the other because they don’t know them, and they won’t have to deal with them after the fact. Often times, the people in their life either agree with their entitled/racist/whatever behavior, or are unwilling to call them out. It’s nice to see somebody in the Karen’s life calling them out, because you know the discussion doesn’t just end at this gas station, and maybe he has a better chance of actually being heard. I really feel for the guy, though, and I hope he got out of that toxicity.”

Another comment reads, “I know someone who’s wife was a raging alcoholic and he had to deal with her daily (until he decided to leave). This looks something like that.”

Another Reddit user added, “I love how this dude apologized to this black couple. Such a humble person , and to her wife she’s totally racist ! She truly deserve it ! A shameful woman deserves a shameful moment !”

Want to see the interaction for yourself? Beware that there is some pretty explicit language. You may not want to watch at work or with children present.

Do you think Erin ever ended up getting in the car? Did it surprise you that the white man apologized to the black man? Do you think the white man should get a divorce? Why do you think Erin was upset?