Just an Amazing Video of a Man and a Dog Eating Burritos

As a parent, one of the most amazing things is when we see our children copying what we’re doing. It could be the way we say something, the exact way we do something, or simply wanting to do exactly what we’re doing. After all, parents are children’s first role models.

While some people don’t like the term “fur baby” for a pet like a cat or a dog, pets are kind of like children, especially when you aren’t currently raising children. And, it is pretty amazing when you see your pet acting human. 

Life is hard right now. People are getting sick. Parents have to figure out whether or not to send their kids to school. We get it. It’s tough, but sometimes a simple video is all you need to momentarily change your entire world view.

Danny Deraney shared a video on Twitter that is exactly the content we didn’t know we needed. It’s of a man sitting in a chair eating a burrito, but the kicker is that a dog is sitting on the man’s lap in the same way that a small child would sit on a parent’s lap, and the dog is eating a burrito. The dog is literally holding a burrito with its paws and taking bites just like a person. It’s wild.

Even if you’re a cat person, this video will probably make you smile.

Twitter users are loving this dog-eating burrito video. It has been retweeting over 62,000 times. A few people have even shared adorable photos and videos of their pets eating people food.

While there are many comments reminding us that feeding pets what we’re eating isn’t always a good idea, you have to admit that it’s cute!

Does your day feel a little bit brighter after watching this video? Are you suddenly craving a burrito, or is that just us?