Mama Cat ‘Saves’ Her Kitten from Toddler’s Arms

There’s nothing cuter than babies and baby animals. Put the two together, and it’s almost cuteness overload.

Many children love having pets in the house; however, pets aren’t always equally excited to be around small children.

Babies and toddlers often don’t know the correct way to handle or interact with pets. There’s bound to be a tail pulled somewhere along the way. However, this is how learning occurs. Children eventually learn how to treat animals kindly.

Many parents of “fur babies” (pets) love taking pictures and videos of their children interacting with their cats or dogs. One such video captured an adorable toddler girl interacting with a mother cat and one of her kittens.

This toddler girl was lucky enough to grow up with a litter of Siamese kittens. In the video, she’s holding one of the kittens tightly even though the kitten is crying.

We get it. Kittens are cute and soft, and they’re certainly fun to hold. As adults, when a kitten is crying we know that means that the kitten is unhappy for some reason, and we certainly don’t want to hold a kitten against its will.

This is something babies and toddlers have yet to learn.

The little girl doesn’t seem concerned that the kitten is crying. She is only concerned about the mother cat who keeps putting her front paws up on the little girl. The mother cat is determined to intervene and save her kitten from the toddler’s tight grasp.

The little girl almost looks scared of the mother cat. She walks away from the cat, still determined to keep holding the kitten. This mother cat, like any mother, is even more determined to help her crying baby, and the mother cat eventually gets her way.

When the mother cat finally frees her baby from the toddler’s arms, the kitten’s crying stops and the toddler’s crying starts. The little girl seems almost heartbroken when the mother cat carries the kitten away.

While the little girl certainly enjoyed holding the kitten and wants to hold her again, we’re not sure the kitten felt the same way. We’re sure the toddler and the kitten will learn to get along in the future, but for now, the kitten is where she belongs – with her mother.

You can watch this cute interaction for yourself in the video below.

Do you think the little girl’s parents should have stepping in and taken the kitten away from the toddler before the mother cat had to do something about it? Do you think the kitten was perfectly save in the toddler’s arms?